Applications of SCADA Systems In The Oil and Gas Industry

In today’s industrial environment, it is a requirement for the use of safety and control systems in operations. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) based systems have many industrial applications and one of the key areas where this technology is used is in the oil and gas industry.

SCADA provides centralized, real-time, data acquisition and control that automates and optimizes day-to-day operations for oil and gas. It also provides applications specific to operations from production and gathering to transmission and distribution. These applications offer field instruments for the control of pump/compressor stations, valve stations, and metering stations.

Many factors are driving the worldwide SCADA market in the oil & gas industry. This includes the continued worldwide demand for more energy from fossil fuels, the change of production and exploration locations to more hostile and remote environments, and end user requirements to link SCADA systems to information technology and business systems.

scada market
Worldwide SCADA Market for Oil & Gas

SCADA Oil and Gas Training

Some companies offer in-house training for their engineers on specific fields that relate to the oil and gas industry and how SCADA can be applied. There are also competent technical institutions that also offer training in this field, if you do a search on the net you will be able to identify the ones that meet your preferences. Some of these institutions require having a background in the oil and gas business.

Oil And Gas SCADA Software

There are some SCADA vendors that offer solutions for oil and gas industries. Here is a couple of them

  • Honeywell
  • Rockwell
  • Siemens

Oil And Gas SCADA Systems

Single Well Oil Battery Monitoring Systems: this helps in minimizing loss during production and environmental liability

SAGD Remote Monitoring Systems: this system consists of RTU’s, alarm beacons, remote gas detection and SCADA monitoring and control hardware.

Water Disposal High-Level Shutdown Systems: this can be used in emergency situations to achieve shutdown in remote sites without the need of having an SCADA host.

Wireless Tank Gauging / Water Level Monitoring and Control System: This is used for gauging tanks using transmitters through wireless communication.

Variable Frequency Drive SCADA Communication Systems: this is mainly used to monitor remote VFD driven pump sites.

Single Well RTU’s for Gas Engine Driven PCP Pump (Screw Pump) Monitoring Systems: this system uses wireless RTU’s designed for remote monitoring of Gas Engine Driven Hydraulic Screw pumps.

Other systems include:

  • Pipeline SCADA Communications Systems
  • Pump Jack or Screw Pump SCADA Systems
  • Water Injection and Disposal Well Monitoring Systems


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