Hacker destroys pump in USA waterworks

Apparently, a hacker managed to break through the Internet in the process control of a water plant in the US state of Illinois. According to US media reports, he succeeded several times off a pump and to turn on and thereby destroy. That would be the first time that parts of the critical infrastructure of a country have been attacked over the Internet and successfully paralyzed.

scada hacker

As proof of his slump, the hacker has released a total of five screenshots of the SCADA system. While the FBI and DHS took after the incident on the investigation but initially downplayed the risk. The alleged hacker “prof” provoked and came shortly afterwards in another waterworks, this time in Houston, Texas. As proof, he published screenshots of the system for visualization and control of the control system (SCADA). In the released and on Pastebin manifesto are the hackers that they wanted to draw attention to the safety problems in SCADA and how easy the systems were available. The security state of national infrastructure is bad.

As the hacker has penetrated the system, is still unclear. Specialists speculate that the SCADA software vendor’s database may have been compromised, and the account information for the attacks was used. That could explain why so far were only Waterworks target of attacks.