SCADA Software

Common SCADA Software used in modern automation

SCADA systems have gained tremendous popularity as the preferred industrial automation systems. These are robust, secure and multi-functional in nature. Over time, the SCADA systems have become the backbones of the modern day industries. Some of the major niche industries include oil and gas, manufacturing, food production, transport and wastewater management. There are some companies that provide SCADA software.

Some of these are:

  1. Wonderware – InTouch

Wonderware’s InTouch is one of the most popular HMI/SCADA software systems available today for modern automation requirements. Whether deploying SCADA in offices, in home setups or on remote locations, InTouch systems go beyond the ordinary HMI platforms in vogue. With consistent improvements, Wonderware keeps the world’s number one SCADA software position.


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The system can be viewed over casual as well as remote mobile and HMI interfaces. These interfaces can also control the real time operations of the plant floor and also manage the incoming data with the help of a secure web browser.

The software also comes with an added functionality called as “Access Anywhere” which optimizes the real-time decisions, reduces in-house maintenance expenses, maximizes the plant data value and lowers the traversal costs in a simple and secure way. With more than one-third of the industrial facilities using InTouch today, business value is added regarding real-time performance, risk elimination and expense reduction, operational agility, and simplified engineering.

  1. Iconics – AssetWorX

AssetWorX by Iconics deals in SCADA software, asset management, and Human-Machine Interface or HMI. The technology is an S95, and it is deployed as a component of GENESIS64 and Analytics HMI and SCADA.

With AssetWorX, equipment and enterprise data can be organized effectively into reusable classes that can be instantiated efficiently. These classes comprise of heat exchangers, pumps, well heads, turbines, gas fields, building zones, chillers, manufacturing plants and cells.

With the help of AssetWorX, historical data can be analyzed quickly. Moreover, the maintenance work that is acquired from network connected systems and unit production data from ERP systems can be logged in securely and retrieved upon for later use.

  1. Maple Systems – Web Studio

Web Studio by Maple Systems is a powerful open sourced platform control and monitoring SCADA system. Web Studio won the 2012 Control Engineering Award and is highly robust for Panel PCs and open-platform HMIs.

Specifically designed for industrial automation projects such as process control and supervision, the Web Studio runs on Windows XP, Windows 7 and CE operating systems.

Web Studio is highly versatile and diverse. Its development tools allow the creation of web based or stand alone applications for open HMIs. The platform is highly effective in the Automotives Industry, Food production chains, Biomedical plants, Wastewater and Water Treatment Plants, Packaging Units and Chemical plants.

  1. Schraml – Aqasys

Aqasys by Schraml is a high-grade SCADA platform that can be efficiently deployed in the environmental plants. The core characteristics of the software include robust standard functions, simple and easy handling and faster implementation intervals.

With main focus over environmental plants and their automation, the system has the ability for fulfilling the industrial requirements. It also complies with the most demanding consumer wishes. The system is highly flexible and has enhanced features of protocol and data export in all formats. Aqasys is intuitive, user-friendly and quick.

  1. IDS SCADA and HMI software

The control systems by IDS possess high-level flexibility in visualization and desktop organization. The virtual desktop liberates the user from physical limitations of visual display units and visualization areas. Users can save multiple virtual desktop layouts and retrieve when required. The layouts are schematic which makes for easy display. They can be adapted interactively by the system operator. The layout and number of desktops and control elements can be selected dynamically.

  1. Renu – ASTRA

ASTRA is an HMI/SCADA software by Renu Electronics Private Limited. The interface is windows based. The software is power packed with features and highly user-friendly. This full fledged SCADA package helps the industrial units in addressing their manufacturing automation needs. ASTRA is flexible, and the drivers are so designed to configure applications and aggravate protocol efficiency. The features are easy to handle and provide high productivity.

  1. Semaphore SCADA software

SCADA operating software by Semaphore is highly effective when communicating with Modbus. Modbus TCP, DNP 3.0 and other HMI protocols. The solutions are open to all the supervisory software available in the market including DCS, SCADA, and HMI. Optional modules are also obtainable which add remote controlling easily. The software acts as intelligent front-end communicators while simultaneously managing several modem connections.

  1. Progea – Movicon 11

Movicon 11 by Progea is an SCADA and HMI platform and is popular for providing high quality performance incorporated within a reliable and superior functionality single unit. The framework guarantees non-stop production process with real time data logging starting right from the plant floor to management levels.

  1. Copadata – Zenon Supervisor

Zenon supervisor from Copadata is an independent SCADA system, highly efficient for controlling, visualizing and optimizing complex facilities. The system is platform independent and can be integrated easily. With Zenon, maximize security and optimum connectivity into existing machine environments can be achieved.

  1. Solid – GaugerNET

GaugerNET by Solid is designed to deliver high quality functionality and superior performance. Incorporated with a graphic view, map view and a table view of all sites, the system lets the user select accurate measurement for the output. The operators can also download and save the charts in the local machines and retrieve when required.

Working with SCADA software requires highly skilled professionals. While the basic work flow remains the same, the processes are differentiated on the basis of the industry backdrop and set ups. While selecting a particular SCADA software, the prerequisites must be known. Not all software and platforms provide the same kind of support. In such a case, the requirements and the processes to be automated must be clear. The software platforms must be robust, secure and should only be operated by trained professionals.