Ignition by Inductive Automation: A Dynamic, Powerful, and Feature Rich Automation Platform

The software systems by Ignition reinvent Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems aka SCADA systems to fit all your automation requirements into one powerful module suite. You can control, monitor and analyze your facility data in real time efficiently and effectively.

Read on to find out about the multiple facets of Ignition

1. Web-oriented deployment

With Ignition, you can launch your SCADA system across multiple clients while managing your system from a centralized location, without the need for a direct installation. The installation is complete within minutes and is backed with a robust SQL database. With the entire software being platform friendly, all you need is a web browser and Java installed on your system, and you can manage your entire automation process flawlessly.

2. Affordable pricing with no additional licensing costs

Ignition gives you unlimited licensing which means you get everything you require at affordable prices. This gives you the freedom to add unlimited screens, tags, clients, networks, connections and devices across your facility. Add as many personnel you want to your administration, monitor, track and analyze the data in real-time, connect to databases, PLCs, RTUs and more all at once. Keep scaling as you expand, at no extra expense!

3. Stability and Security

Ignition is designed with industry grade technology, a unified, stable architecture and built-in redundancy.

a. Ignition is designed to be more reliable and more secure than the traditional SCADA and HMI software used in the industry today.

b. The software is highly stable and is tested rigorously to maintain the high standards.

c. Additional security is added with the help of SSL technology.

d. To make access control and client authentication more precise, Ignition uses group based security policy.

4. Make accurate forecasts with real-time monitoring and controls

Ignition helps you track real-time status analytics for monitoring facility status and display of ongoing processes. It creates dynamic and data-rich reports and lets you log and store data efficiently. This can be retrieved anywhere and anytime you want.

5. Save time with rapid development

Ignition was developed with an object-oriented environment, data binding functionality, and a rich component library. All of this helps in developing robust and dynamic SCADA projects which can be customized as per requirements. Ignition allows for concurrent development and offers graphic imports, drawing tools and object-oriented platform for development.

6. Scalability and Expandability

Ignition provides a modular outlay, allowing for greater customization. This means that there is no need for stopping your work processes for adding additional functionalities.

To sum up, Ignition is a dynamic, feature-rich and powerful industrial software for HMI, SCADA, and MES applications. The innovative approach taken by the software helps you in real time control and monitor of plants and facility, in rapid development and easy usage by the personnel and the hot pluggable modules ensure that you can scale your automation process as your architecture grows. Ignition allows adding modules to keep with the growing needs of your company.


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