The best Automation Software available today

SCADA Is an acronym for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. SCADA systems are versatile applications which form the backbone of the modern day industrial arena. They are robust, easy to access, simple to install and highly dynamic. Feature laden and scalable, SCADA systems are preferred choices for automation in industrial workspaces. A majority of the modern day industries benefit from the controlling and monitoring abilities which SCADA offers. Some of the areas of SCADA applications include Power and Electricity, Oil and Natural Gas, Water and Wastewater Management.

There is some SCADA software available on the market today. Choose the one which fits your requirements the best.

Here are some of the most popular automation software in market today:

1. SCADA Systems by Schneider Electric

Wonderware’s In Touch is the behemoth of the SCADA industry. It was acquired in January of 2014 by Schneider Electric, after having been bought by Invensys. In Touch is the largest installation of any industrial software. Wonderware is also credited with the world’s first Windows-based HMI. Some of the other HMI and SCADA software developed by Schneider Electric include ClearSCADA, Vijeo and Indusoft.

2. SCADA Systems by Siemens

Siemens is another company that has won accolades with its SCADA systems. The SIMATIC WinCC is highly preferred by industry professionals. They also produce a number of other industry specific software such as S line PLCs and Braumat, a vertical platform used in food and beverage.

3. SCADA systems by Rockwell Automation

When it comes to industrial automation, Rockwell Automation is one of the three largest organizations around. They are known for their Allen Bradly PLCs, RSView32 as well as other drives and software. In fact, Rockwell Automation is known as a single stop when looking for all your automation needs.

4. SCADA Systems by Inductive Automation

Inductive Automation was launched in 2003 with their product Ignition and formulated new technologies and ethical models for business. The organization is known for its amazing technical support, straightforward model for licensing, a dynamic software rich with features and powerful community. If you are searching for a lot of features with affordable pricing and possibility for customization, then Ignition is highly recommended. Although relatively new, Inductive Automation has made a place for itself quickly.

5. SCADA Systems by B-SCADA

Beyond SCADA or B-SCADA have an innovative approach to SCADA systems. Their technology is entirely web based. B-SCADA presides as a full HTML5 Client and offers their SCADA automation solution along the same lines only. The company is listed on the OTC marketplace under the ticker of SCADA.

There are other software available on the market as well. Before you decide to select a particular software for your facility, make sure you do your research. Choose a solution which gives you the best returns on your investment and process time. Also, ensure that your solution must stand the test of time and should be scalable. Not to mention that safety must also be kept in mind.


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